Computer repairs

Inexpensive for all types computer repairs Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėdatablets, desktop computers and laptops (including Apple).

We guarantee the work we do. We work with authorised suppliers of original parts. Invoicing.

What repair services are available?

computer repairs

Laptop repairs

repair of a stationary computer

Repair of stationary computers

  • Repair, replacement, installation and set-up of parts
  • Repair and replacement of power supply units
  • Re-moulding of component capacitors (power supplies, motherboards, video cards, etc.)

We can issue defect certificates for insurance, which will reimburse your repair costs.

Need computer repairs? Contact our contacts Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In which cities are there eMaster rules?

Our repair shops are located in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. Our Contact.

Which computer manufacturers do you repair?

Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and all other computer manufacturers.

What is the cost of computer repair?

Price depends on the fault. We first carry out a diagnostic, after which we determine how much the repair will cost. Price starts at €5.

Do you offer a repair guarantee?

Every repair is always guaranteed.

What types of faults do you repair?

We repair both software and technical faults.

News and tips

  • Damage to the computer case
    Depending on the type of damage to the computer case, repairs can range from simple cleaning to major repairs or replacement. The most common types of potential damage are scratches, dents and cracks in the case. For minor scratches, you can use retouching paint to fill in the damaged area. If the damage is more extensive, you will most likely need to purchase a new case or cover. If the crack is along the ...
  • Applications on your computer do not open
    If programmes don't open on your computer, it could be due to incorrect settings, insufficient memory or storage space, outdated software, corrupted files, incompatible hardware and drivers. It is important to identify the source of the problem so that it can be fixed as quickly and easily as possible. If you have difficulty opening an application, check the settings first. If they are incorrect, you may need to adjust them to get the application to work properly. Also ...
  • Computer screen matrix faults
    Computer screen matrix failures can cause a variety of problems, including distorted images, colour problems and dead pixels. These types of faults are usually caused by a problem with the LCD display. When an LCD screen is damaged or defective, it can interfere with the proper transmission of light and cause image distortion. In order to diagnose and fix computer display matrix faults, it is important to identify the source of the problem. ...
  • Some of the keys on the keyboard don't work
    There are several possible reasons why the keyboard buttons may not work. It could be a physical problem, such as dirt or debris trapped in the switch underneath the key, or it could be a software problem related to a conflict between the operating system or drivers. In addition, some keyboards have special features that require extra batteries or power supplies and may need to be checked ...
  • Computer maintenance and management
    Computer maintenance and support are essential for any computer user, regardless of their technical knowledge or experience. Regular checks and updates help to optimise performance, ensure security and prevent problems before they start. Regular cleaning of your computer's hardware can also improve its performance. Dust accumulated on heatsinks, cooling fans and other components can limit the air ...
  • Laptop battery not recharging
    Laptop battery failure can range from minor problems to more serious hardware failures. Some of the most common causes include: 1. Faulty power adapter or cord - the power adapter and/or cord may be damaged due to constant wear and tear, and may not be able to send adequate power to the laptop. 2. Faulty battery - over time ...
  • How to troubleshoot common computer problems
    Sometimes the best way to solve a computer problem is to turn off your computer. This means turning off the computer and unplugging it from the power supply for at least 30 seconds. Then plug it back in and switch it on. Doing so will reset all the internal settings on the device, which may help to resolve some problems on your computer. If this does not resolve the problem, look for a software ...