Repairing - replacing chargers (chargers)

The main function of a laptop charger is to charge your computer's battery. However, if the battery is dead or ineffective, the charger feeds power directly to the motherboard. One of the most common charger faults is a broken socket. Imagine a situation where you are working on a computer with a charger connected to it. A member of your family tries to walk past you and trips over the cord. In this case, the most common cause is either damage to the a charging socket that needs repair, or the charger nozzle. And sometimes both. In this case, it is not necessary to replace the entire charger with a new one. Just replace the cable with the nozzle. In this case, the charger housing is disassembled, the old cable is soldered and the new one is soldered. The unit is then reassembled. Repairs are quick and inexpensive.

However, there are cases where the power supply unit itself fails. The failure may be spontaneous or due to a short circuit. For example, you dip the tip of the charger cord in liquid. If this happens, the charger usually needs to be replaced. In exceptional cases, replacing capacitors, transistors or diodes is sufficient. To replace a charger with a new one, you need a charger with the right voltage (voltage), the right amperage (amperage), and of course with a tip that is suitable for your laptop. In this case, we will select a new or used charger that is suitable for your computer. We offer both original and replacement high quality chargers.

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