Replacing motherboards in laptops and desktop computers

When the motherboard of a laptop fails, the most common procedure is to diagnostics and repairs. Each Laptop The motherboard is unique, so buying another one, whether new or used, is quite expensive. Repair is usually the most effective solution in this case. However, there are situations where repair is not possible and replacement is necessary. We replace the motherboards of all laptops, either by model, by ordering from the manufacturers' suppliers or, depending on the situation, by finding cheaper alternatives from the second-hand market.

Unlike a laptop, the motherboards of a desktop computer are usually replaced. The motherboards of stationary (desktop) computers are usually inexpensive, so it is only worth repairing them if the fault is simple and inexpensive, e.g. capacitor relining. However, for specific computer models, i.e. computers with non-standard dimensions, the same subtleties of laptop repair apply.

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