TV repair in Klaipeda

Elmeistrai has been providing professional services for many years TV repair in Klaipeda services. Our experienced technicians are qualified and equipped with the highest quality tools and instruments to provide the highest level of service.

We only use genuine, high-quality spare parts and our repairs are guaranteed to give you peace of mind. We can repair all types of TVs, from flat-screen LCD to plasma and OLED models. Whether it's a new model or an older one, our technicians know how to repair all types of TVs and their components, such as power supplies, motherboards, LED lighting, speakers, connectors and more.

You will find us in the Banginis shopping centre, at Šilutės pl. 35, Klaipėda. We are located inside the shopping centre, next to the "Senukai" cash desk. Tel. 8 (617) 77731 We look forward to seeing you on weekdays 9-18.

We start the repair process with a diagnostic to know the exact source of the problem and to ensure an effective repair. This allows us to provide only the highest quality service. Our commitment to quality ensures that all our repairs are carried out quickly, reliably and safely. We are proud to help you enjoy a working TV again! Contact us today. We'll be glad you chose us for your TV repair in Klaipeda!

TV repair in Klaipeda
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