Computer cooling system upgrade, dust cleaning

The most common cause of laptop and desktop computer failure is overheating. Computers overheat because the cooling system is not updated in time. A cooling system upgrade involves cleaning out dust and other dirt and replacing worn-out old thermoplastics in the CPU and other coolers with new ones. A visual inspection is carried out. It is unfortunate that very few users take the trouble to carry out a preventive cooling system upgrade at least once a year and only call for it when certain signs of malfunctioning occur. It is a good idea to ask for it when the computer has just started to reboot, etc. However, if the procedure is delayed even further, it is usually not only the case that the cooling system is upgraded and the dust is cleaned, but also that other faults caused by this have to be repaired first.

It is recommended to clean your computer and replace the thermopile at least once a year. Imagine how much dust is in our environment. It all accumulates inside your computer too. But on top of that, imagine that electronic boards, because they flow electricity, are like a magnet for dust, attracting it all. When dust accumulates to a particularly high level, the fans are no longer able to cool the computer to the required level. On top of that, a worn thermocouple makes the situation even worse.

The most common symptoms that require an immediate upgrade of your computer's cooling system:

  • Computer reboots unexpectedly
  • Computer shuts down unexpectedly
  • Increased audible murmur

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