Repair/replacement of broken computer power sockets

Laptop power socket, this is the port/connector where the laptop charger is connected. In this case, a faulty battery may be to blame if the computer does not boot. However, even if the battery is dead, the computer should still work, just not boot. An LED that lights up indicates that the computer is receiving power. However, if the LED does not light up, the charger itself or the socket may be defective.

Laptop socket broken is one of the most common faults. It is quite easy to damage. For example, you suddenly pull your computer out of the car, forgetting that it is plugged into the charger. Or you accidentally hook the cord of a plugged-in charger to a passer-by. And other similar cases.

Apple laptop charging socket

Some sockets are better designed and made, but others are very easy to break. The strongest sockets are found on Apple and Lenovo laptops. When a socket is broken it usually needs to be replaced. Only in exceptional cases is the same old socket repaired. After a laptop socket repair, the computer works and looks like new. Need a computer repair? Contact us service.