Replacing hard disk drives (HDD)

The hard disk is the part of the computer that stores all the data on the computer: music, movies, documents, etc. The size of its memory is usually measured in GB (gigabytes) or TB (terabytes). Older types of hard disk drives were mechanical, i.e. they had a rotating disk inside. The new generation of drives are fully electronic, SSD-type drives, which achieve much higher data read and write speeds.

Hard disk failure is not an expensive repair, but it usually results in the loss of all the data stored on the hard disk dear Data. In these modern times, there are many inexpensive options for making permanent backups backups: e.g. to Google Drive or an external hard drive, so if your hard drive hasn't crashed yet, we recommend that you get it fixed immediately.

The hard drive is usually replaced when it fails, but this is also often the case when a computer is modernisation. We always recommend replacing your old drive with a new generation SSD, no matter how old it is. This will not only fix your computer, but also speed it up.

The procedure for replacing a hard disk drive can be either more complex or simpler. It depends very much on the model of your computer. Certain models of laptops have special covers which, when opened, give direct access to the hard disk drive (HDD). In that case, it is particularly easy to replace it. However, certain models require partial or even complete disassembly. Replacing the HDD requires overwriting the operating system, as the new drive is completely blank, and other applications that are necessary for operation.

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