Replacing display lamps

Replacing laptop display lamps. Before carrying out this repair on your computer, you first need to make sure that the screen lamp is really at fault. It is also necessary to assess the cost-effectiveness, i.e. how much it would cost to replace the entire screen.


  • The screen lights up when the computer is switched on, but goes out after a while.
  • The maximum brightness of the laptop is clearly reduced or unsatisfactorily too dim.
  • The screen is completely unlit, i.e. only the outline of the image is visible when illuminated by an external light source.

How are repairs carried out?

  • Removable computer matrix (screen).
  • The lamp shall be removed from the matrix itself and replaced by a similar lamp in good working order.
  • Reassembles the computer to its initial state.
  • Screen testing.
disassembling a laptop for lamp replacement

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