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  • High-quality, comprehensive repair of all types and manufacturers (Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei and others) mobile/smartphones repairs Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda. We work with all manufacturers Authorised suppliers of parts, so we can offer high quality work. We always carry out a diagnostic first before starting work. Only professional services are provided.

    • High-quality work requiring extreme precision iPhone repair via Samsung phone repair.
    • We repair smart devices of all makes and models
    • Factory Untethering an iPhone (from all networks)
    • Factory Unbinding Samsung phones (from all networks)

    phone repairs

    • Replacing phone screens
    • Where possible, we can replace only the top glass (much cheaper than replacing the whole screen)
    • Factory unbundling of phones from all networks
    • Repair of baseplates
    • Repair of broken phones
    • Replacing soldered parts
    • Replacement of non-soldered parts
    • Software rewrite, navigation installation
    • Troubleshooting various technical faults
    • Replacing the microphone/speaker
    • Repairing broken charging and headphone sockets
    • Repairing communication failures
    • Repair of other faults

    We can issue defect certificates for insurance, which will reimburse your repair costs.

    Indicative price list (phone repairs)

    Preliminary prices are provided. They do not include prices for parts, which are determined in the course of dismantling the phone. After the diagnosis, which we will carry out within 1 day, we will provide you with a list of faults, prices and a timeframe. Repairs usually take 1-7 days afterwards.

    • Diagnostics - 5 euros
    • Software work - from 10 eur
    • Data storage for software work - from €5
    • Replacing the battery - from €5
    • Replacing the screen (exact price may be available in advance, subject to phone model) / Replacing the rear or front camera / Replacing or repairing the power supply or other socket / Repairing or replacing the motherboard / Replacing the power supply circuit - from 10 eur
    • Speaker or microphone repair or replacement / wifi aerial repair or replacement / liquid covered phone repair - from €15
    • Official unbundling from the operator's network (price depends on the model and the operator to which the phone is bound) - from €25
    • Issuing a defect certificate for insurance - €20 (covered by insurance)
    • Unbinding - from 18eur

    Phone repairs - what are the most common faults?

    Here are the 5 most common phone faults that customers turn to for repair.

    Replacing your phone screen

    Cracked and broken screens are the most common type of damage to smartphones. This is especially true nowadays. As screens get bigger, they become more and more vulnerable in every fall. It is estimated that around 75 million screens are smashed every year in the European Union alone. A shattered screen can render a smartphone unusable. We can take care of repairing or replacing a broken screen.

    The following procedure is generally followed when replacing your smartphone screen:

    • Opening your phone
    • Removing the screen
    • Replacement of the adhesive part
    • Inserting a new screen
    • Ensuring proper cable connections

    While the screen procedure itself may seem straightforward, it is not as simple on modern phones as it used to be. Opening the phone and removing the screen requires the melting of a special adhesive at a certain temperature, which cannot be too high to avoid damaging other components, nor too low to prevent the screen from coming off. In addition, modern displays on phones with high IP protection are glued in the centre as well as at the edges. When disconnecting the screen cable gland, care must be taken not to damage the cable itself, i.e. when removing the screen, make sure that everything is disconnected first.

    Replacing your phone's battery / battery pack

    All mobile phones run on batteries that run down over time. Some people find that their phone used to last all day on a single charge, but now it seems that it almost always needs to be plugged into the mains. As devices age, some battery degradation is normal. But the battery will degrade faster if smartphones are often left fully discharged, either with a 0% battery charge or, once they reach a 100% charge, left plugged in for long periods. Replacing a phone's battery often requires special tools and expertise. It is usually best to leave it to professionals, as in the past it was sufficient to remove the back cover and simply insert the battery, but nowadays replacing the battery is often even more complicated than replacing the whole screen, as it may be necessary not only to remove the screen, but also to remove the entire motherboard to access the battery location. The battery may also be glued to the inside of the screen.

    Repair/replacement of a broken phone charging socket

    If you are experiencing charging problems with your smartphone, it may be caused by a damaged charging socket. Like most adapters, your charger can wear out over time. Some phones are more at risk of damage than others. But all will wear out after a long time. Repairing your smartphone's charging socket is not a very easy job. Many procedures can be carried out, depending on the type of phone and the extent of the damage. Sometimes it may be necessary to completely disassemble the whole phone and carry out all the above mentioned procedures for replacing the screen.

    Repairing a broken or faulty phone button (home/power)

    Nowadays, there are fewer buttons on phones, but the start and power buttons are still there. These buttons have a limited lifespan. They are usually made to last longer than the lifetime of the phone, but they can fail earlier. Home buttons are often the first to fail, as they are used the most. As they switch the screen on and off, faulty buttons cause a lot of inconvenience or can, in general, make the phone unusable until repairs are made. It may even make it impossible to access the data on your phone.

    Damage caused by water and other liquids

    Newer phones are usually waterproof or waterproof, but if you're holding an older version, you may have problems with water. Water can be a problem for the future, because until the phone is opened and a diagnostic is carried out, you don't know what kind of mobile phone damage you are dealing with. If your device has fallen into water, it's worth contacting us for professional help. Even if you're only having minor problems, it's possible that the water inside your phone could cause more serious problems in the long run.

    If you want to try repairing your phone yourself, you can find information on this link: and in the YouTube video below.

    Need professional phone repairs? Contact our contacts Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda.

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