Replacing computer screens/matrices

Laptop screen replacement is a relatively inexpensive service (relative to the value of the computer), which makes it particularly popular. The matrix is usually replaced when it is broken or scratched.

How do I know which part is needed?

The replacement matrix can usually be identified by the model of the computer, but there are some cases where the exact replacement part can only be selected by removing the part and checking the serial number of the original manufacturer (Part Number). It is important not to make the mistake of buying just another matrix of the same size. The displays differ from each other by different connections. They may also be programmed to work only with computers of a certain manufacturer.

Specific screen faults where the screen fails without being broken

There are cases where the image is almost invisible on the computer screen (only visible with a flashlight), but the matrix itself is unbroken. In the case of an older type of display with CCFL LCD backlight, this failure is caused by a bad voltage converter (Inverter), which does not light the backlight lamp on the screen. During the year of repair, only the voltage converter is replaced or its windings are repaired. In the case of a new generation LED display, the fault is caused by a defective LED backlight. It is then assessed which repair is more cost-effective - replacing the backlight separately or replacing the whole display with a new one.

As we have a wide variety of used and new matrices on site, repairs are usually carried out promptly.

Broken computer screen