Robotic pump repairs (we also repair robotic lawnmowers)

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    Information on repairing robotic lawnmowers

    • Repairing all types of home robots
    • Repair of robotic window cleaning robots

    Robotic pump repairs from A to Z

    • Electrical repairs
    • Repair of beeping, non-driving robots
    • Repairing household robots that are stalling, not switching on
    • Technical diagnostics
    • Power circuit repairs
    • Control unit repairs
    • Reprogramming control chips
    • Motherboard / motherboard repairs
    • Issuing a diagnostic report for insurance
    • Repairing problems with switching on
    • Troubleshooting other faults

    We can issue defect certificates for insurance, which will reimburse your repair costs.

    The most common faults with robotic pumps

    Robots from different manufacturers vary slightly. However, many of the typical problems can be quite universal, regardless of brand or model.

    Robot vacuum cleaner does not connect to the dock

    There may be several reasons why your vacuum cleaner is unable to locate or connect to the base station. Possible reasons why the robot vacuum cleaner cannot connect:

    • The robot is too close to another object.
    • The station is located under a table, desk or other furniture that gets in the way.
    • Your robot's sensors and/or cameras need cleaning.
    • The station is on a carpet or mat.

    If none of these simple solutions solves your problem, there may be a more serious problem. If the robot is having difficulty orienting itself indoors, rather than just docking, you may need to replace the sensors. If the vacuum cleaner is working fine, the sensors are clean, but it just can't dock, there may be other more serious faults. Please contact us and we will help you.

    The robot vacuum cleaner does not recharge

    If it's not a problem with the connection to the computer, the most common reason for the robot vacuum not charging is dirty charging contacts. Most of the charging contacts are located underneath the robot and are easily covered in dust and dirt. Clean them with a dry cloth or towel. If there is a build-up of dirt or debris, you can use a paper towel or something coarser.

    Robotic vacuum cleaner does not connect to WIFI

    If you have a higher-end or newer model robot vacuum cleaner, it may have WIFI connectivity. However, the WIFI connection may be intermittent. What if the robot does not connect or stays connected to the home WIFI? Some tips you can try:

    • Make sure your router is set to the correct WiFi frequency. Not all robot vacuum cleaners can operate on 5GHz networks. You may need to choose a 2.4GHz network.
    • Make sure your WIFI or network signal is strong enough.
    • Make sure you use the correct WIFI password.
    • Try restarting the robot and rebooting the WIFI router.

    Robot vacuum cleaner loses route

    The main reasons:

    • The sensors are dirty, giving it problems with routing and navigation.
    • The wheels must be cleaned of dirt.
    • The wheels are worn and need to be replaced.
    • The main or side brushes should be removed and thoroughly cleaned.
    • Engine failure.

    Below is a video demonstrating a sample repair of a robot pump. Written instructions here.

    Need a robot pump repair? Contact our contacts Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda.