TV repair in Kaunas

Elmeistrai repair shop provides high quality professional TV repair in Kaunas services. If you have a problem with your TV, please contact us and we will help you. Our professional technicians have the skills and experience needed to identify and fix problems quickly and accurately. We can also advise you on how to maintain your TV to prevent future problems.

  • In Kaunas, you will find us at Baltijos g. 58. The Elmeistrai repair shop is located inside the new RIMI store. We are waiting for you on all working days from 9 am to 6 pm. Tel. 8 (656) 95553

  • What to expect when you have your TV repaired in Kaunas?

    • Comprehensive diagnostics - our professional technicians have the latest and most advanced equipment to detect and diagnose problems with your TV. This allows them to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and provide a customised solution that best suits your specific needs.
    • Professional repair services - experienced technicians have the expertise to fix problems ranging from faulty components to software issues. We will advise and suggest the most effective and efficient way to solve the specific problem.
    • Cost-effective solutions that can save you money in the long run. We have access to a wide range of spare parts, so we can offer a solution to suit your budget.
    • Warranty - you can rest assured that any repairs or parts replacements will be corrected free of charge. This ensures that you don't have to worry about extra costs in case something breaks soon after the repair.

    In addition to these benefits, we provide fast and friendly customer service. We understand that your TV is an important part of your home entertainment, and we'll work to get it working properly again as soon as possible. When you choose our professional TV repair in Kaunas you can be sure that all your needs will be taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

    TV repair in Kaunas
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      When a channel is blocked or goes out, it means that the signal from the broadcast source to your TV is interfering. This can be caused by a number of factors, including weather conditions, physical obstructions such as buildings blocking the line of sight between the transmitter and receiver, or faulty equipment. The most common cause of blocked or jammed channels is a weak signal. This can happen when the signal strength decreases ...
    • How to connect your Smart TV to the internet and solve connection problems
      Troubleshooting can be complex and often requires a little patience. If you're having trouble connecting your Smart TV to the internet, here are some tips to help: 1. Check your router and modem - make sure both the router and modem are switched on and properly connected. Also check that all cables are secure and not damaged. 2. Check the signal ...
    • Maintenance and management of smart TVs
      Smart TVs are increasingly popular in the home entertainment market, and for good reason. These TVs not only provide a great viewing experience, but also convenient access to streaming services and other features such as voice command functionality. However, to keep your smart TV in tip-top condition, proper maintenance and management is essential. Here are some basic tips for ...
    • What can happen if you damage your TV aerial socket
      If you damage the TV aerial socket, you may have several problems. Firstly, if the antenna is not properly connected to the wall, you may get poor reception and a weak signal. In addition, a damaged antenna socket can cause interference with other nearby devices, or cause multi-channel crosstalk. In addition, an improperly installed aerial socket can endanger you and your ...
    • TV shows blue Possible causes
      There are several possible causes for the blue colour of the TV screen. One possible cause is incorrect picture or sound settings on the TV itself. In this case, check if there are any settings that can be adjusted to bring the picture into the normal colour range. Also, if you have a cable set-top box or other peripherals connected to your TV, make sure they are properly connected ...