Repair of irons

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  • Quality, comprehensive repairs for all types (not just steam irons) and manufacturers repair of irons Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda.

    • Technical diagnostics
    • Power circuit repairs
    • Control unit repairs
    • Motherboard / motherboard repairs
    • Issuing a diagnostic report for insurance
    • Repairing problems with switching on
    • Troubleshooting other faults

    We can issue defect certificates for insurance, which will reimburse your repair costs.

    Here are the most common iron faults and tips on how to try to fix them yourself before calling for iron repair.

    1. Repairing irons when they don't get hot enough

    One of the most common problems with irons is that they don't get hot enough. Possible causes for this could be an incorrect thermostat setting, a problem with the electrical connections, a problem with the power switch, etc. To solve this problem, you must first check that everything is connected correctly. Also check the power switch, the plug and the thermostat. The thermostat is the part of the rectifier that helps to regulate the temperature and mode. If it is set at the wrong temperature, especially at a lower temperature, the iron may not heat up sufficiently. Therefore, make sure that you turn it up to a higher setting. Also, try changing the heating mode. If nothing helps, then the following is required iron repairs.

    2. The rectifier does not switch on (dead)

    Insufficient heating and a broken iron are different problems. One of the most common problems that customers encounter is a completely inoperative (dead) iron. If your rectifier is not working at all, the first thing to do is to check the power cord. If the cord is broken or damaged in any way, this could be the cause of the appliance not working. Also, try plugging the plug into a different socket to check whether the problem is with the socket or with the rectifier. Other reasons for the iron not working could be incorrect setting of the iron, such as the auto-off setting, limescale deposits on the soleplate etc. If you are unable to fix the fault yourself, you can contact us for a repair of your iron and we will help you.

    3. Dirty iron soleplate

    The soleplate of any type of iron can be damaged. Over time and with use, the soleplate can become fouled and its holes can become blocked. This can affect both its heating and overall performance. It is important to clean and maintain the sole plate regularly. Firstly, simply try to remove any particles on the sole plate by hand. Then take a cloth, dampen it and sprinkle some salt on it. Rub the bottom of the iron with the cloth to remove the dirt. You can remove scorch marks by directly spraying oven cleaner and leaving it for a while before rinsing with cold water.

    4. The iron sticks to clothes. The iron needs repairs

    Another common iron problem you may encounter is that the iron sticks to your clothes or fabric. This can be caused by a burnt soleplate. Some fabrics tend to stick and burn, which can lead to a burnt soleplate. Fabric can stick to sediment. In this case, make sure you clean the soleplate properly. You can do this by first making a paste of 1 tablespoon of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Apply it to the soleplate and use it to clean the iron, clean the steam vents and clean the soleplate. Otherwise, the iron will need to be repaired, i.e. the soleplate replaced.

    Below is a sample video instruction on how to repair a rectifier. In addition, you can also find here.

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