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    HP / Canon cartridges: from 12eur (incl. VAT)
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    Ricoh: from 16eur (incl. VAT)

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    refilling printer cartridges

    Cassette filling procedure

    How is the optional printer cartridge. Is this a complicated procedure? Can refilling cartridges be done at home or in the office? First you need to understand what the cartridge itself consists of, and then we'll walk you through the refill steps so you can make the decision yourself.

    1. Refilling cartridges, step one: what a laser printer toner cartridge consists of

    A laser printer cartridge is a hollow cavity filled with a very fine dry powder called toner. There is also a drum in the middle of the cartridge. From the cartridge, the drum carries the toner to other components which finally fuse the toner to the printer paper. Printers use a variety of methods to determine when toner has been used. Some Brother printers pass a light through the cartridge to determine that there is little toner left.

    2. The correct toner powder is required for cartridge refilling

    Toner is sold in bottles. Be sure you get the right toner for your printer. Each manufacturer uses slightly different toner powder. But how do I put the toner inside the cartridge? In most cases, the manufacturer has not foreseen that the cartridge will be refilled, so there is practically no factory procedure. One way is to remove the gears at the back, remove the plug, then replace and reset the gears so that the printer thinks it is a new cartridge. Sometimes you even have to buy new parts to refill the cartridge in this way. But there are simpler ways to replace toner. You can simply melt a hole in the top of the cartridge, pour in new toner and seal the hole with adhesive tape.

    3. Making a hole for filling the cartridge

    When you use a toner refill kit, it comes with a special hole-melting device. This allows you to make a hole without disassembling and reassembling any cogs. The tool is essentially a soldering iron that heats up a round nozzle which melts through the top of the cartridge. Why not just drill a hole? The waste plastic would then contaminate the cartridge and damage it. However, make sure that no melted plastic has entered the cartridge. Make sure that the hole is as far away from the side of the cartridge as possible, so that you can put it on edge when refilling. If you make the hole in the middle, you will have to constantly shake the toner from side to side to evenly fill the cartridge.

    4. Empty the old toner

    Although the printer gives you a message that the toner has run out, there is still some toner left. Gently shake it out of the hole you have just made so that the new toner does not mix with the old toner. Professionally, expensive special fine-particle vacuum cleaners are used for this. Bear in mind that toner is very greasy and difficult to clean.

    5. Add new toner powder

    This procedure should be carried out outdoors at home. Professionally, it is carried out in a special chamber. Toner gets on everything easily, so change into old clothes. Do not add all the toner at once. Refill intermittently. Shake and refill. Use a mobile phone torch to see how the toner fills the cartridge. When the toner level is up to the hole, carefully lower the cartridge, seal it with adhesive tape and write the date so you know when it was last filled. Do not use masking tape as it will not seal the edges of the hole like adhesive tape. Use your finger to press the adhesive tape around the hole. Professionally, special plugs are used for this.

    6. Conclusions

    As you can see from the procedure above, the filling procedure is not particularly straightforward. In addition, the drum has to be changed every few refills and sometimes a new chip is needed each time. Thus, the total cost of all the materials for a refill can be around €10-25. As you have already realised, all that is left of the old original cartridge is the plastic casing. So in most cases nowadays it is optimal to buy a new premium replacement cartridge, where all the procedures are carried out in the factory. In this case, the quality is much higher than when refilling an old cartridge. Often the refilled cartridge's cogs wear out or the toner powder in the cartridge leaks through the edges, so modern refilling is simply a matter of replacing the cartridge for the cost of refilling it.

    Instructions below: the YouTube video and instructions for filling cartridges writing.

    Need a cartridge refill? Elmeisters will replace your new one within 5 minutes and you can continue your work uninterrupted. Please contact us Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda.

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