Replacement of processors (CPUs) for laptops and desktop computers

Processors are replaced in both desktop and notebook computers. They are replaced both when they break down and during upgrades. The processor is selected according to the socket. The processor supported by the host socket is also considered. Sometimes the BIOS firmware of the motherboard has to be rewritten before the processor can be upgraded. On laptops, the whole computer must be disassembled to replace the processor. On desktop computers, it is sufficient to remove the case cover and the CPU cooler. When replacing the processor, the thermoplastic is always renewed and dusted, i.e. upgrading your computer's cooling system.

Replacing processors:

  • Elmeisters at a computer repair shop in Vilnius
  • Elmeistrai in computer repair in Kaunas
  • Elmeistrai in computer repair in Klaipėda

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