Cleaning and repairing splashed/liquid-soaked computers

One of the most common reasons for needing repairs is that your computer has been splashed with liquids. After all, it's so convenient to put a drink on the case of a desktop or laptop and watch a movie or surf the web. But when that liquid is accidentally spilled, the damage to the computer is greater or lesser.

What should I do if I spill liquid on my computer? First of all, disconnect the computer from any external power source as soon as possible. In addition, if possible, remove the internal batteries. Any electrical contact with liquids makes the corrosion process extremely fast, which is what causes the most damage. Corrosion damages the electrical and electronic components, tracks, etc. of the computer. After disconnecting everything, leave the device to dry in a warm and dry place. If the liquid was free of impurities and sediment, it will dry and if you were quick enough to disconnect the power, it will probably continue to work without problems. However, most liquids are not filtered water. So, even after drying, you need to remove the sediment.

The most common areas affected by liquids and the residue they leave behind are the computer keyboard, touch pad and motherboard. Repairing a contaminated computer starts with a complete disassembly of the computer and cleaning of all deposits. We then test individual components and repair or replace them. Need help? You'll find us in major Lithuanian cities. Our contacts.

a drink on the computer