Software upgrade - upgrading your computer

Software upgrades on a PC usually involve updating the operating system. However, upgrades can be made to all the applications you use, from antivirus to document management (e.g. Microsoft Office) or the image editor (Adobe Illustrator / Corel Draw etc.).

An update can also be an update of the same operating system, just an updated version (Edition), which will make the computer much more resistant to viruses, potentially faster and with new features.

How does a software upgrade work?

  1. Computer applications are reviewed and their permissions are set.
  2. A list of applications that are recommended for updating is drawn up based on the specifications of the computer. Certain applications may not be upgradable to the current hardware settings. Before this can be done, it may be necessary to first perform modernisation of the technical part or refuse renewal. Moreover, simply renewing everything is not a good solution either. It is very important to assess whether the update will make your computer run even slower. Our repair technicians will thoroughly assess all of this.
  3. The necessary software upgrades are made. If the operating system is being upgraded, you may need to reinstall the operating system.
Updating computer programs