Camera repairs

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    • Camera repairs
    • Camera and camcorder lens repairs
    • Repair of video cameras

    Camera repairs from A to Z

    • Replacing soldered parts
    • Replacement of non-soldered parts
    • Changing screens
    • Repair of baseplates
    • Repair of fused apparatus
    • Software reprogramming
    • Troubleshooting various technical faults
    • Repairing broken charging and headphone sockets
    • Repair of other faults

    We can issue defect certificates for insurance, which will reimburse your repair costs.

    camera repairs

    Camera repairs - common camera problems

    1. Blurry photos and videos

    One of the most common problems with digital cameras and camcorders is blurry photos and videos. This can be caused by a faulty camera or a damaged lens. For this reason, you should first make sure that the lens is not dirty and then check that the camera does not have macro mode enabled. Blurred images can also be caused by motion or movement, so try to shoot when the subject is not moving. The optical digital zoom should also be switched off. If the problem still persists, please contact us for help.

    2. Short battery life

    Another common problem with digital cameras is short battery life. If the camera runs out of power very quickly, then the problem may be with either the batteries or the charger. Make sure you are using the right batteries. Also check that your charger is working properly. Check the charging cable, the charger port and other parts. If the problem persists, contact our technicians.

    3. Slow shooting

    If you find that your camera is slow and takes a while to take pictures, there is likely to be a fault of some kind. This could be due to shutter lag. However, to solve this problem, you first need to hold the shutter down halfway to give the camera time to prepare and adjust focus.

    4. Memory card problems

    The camera may also have a problem with the memory card. Usually memory cards do not fail, but if they do, it is most likely due to physical damage. Before using the card for the first time, make sure that you have formatted it and not simply erased the contents. Also, format it in the camera, not on your computer. Formatting can help, for example, faster operation, faster uploads, etc. If the card has been locked, you need to make sure that the switch on the side of the card is in the unlock position.

    Below is a video demonstrating a sample repair of a video camera. For instructions on how to repair/clean the lens, please see here.

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