My phone keeps throwing a message that memory is full Possible causes

One possible reason for the full phone memory message is that you have too many apps installed. If your phone has a limited amount of internal storage space, more and more apps can clog up your device over time. In addition, if an app doesn't work properly or has been abandoned by its developer, it can take up memory without providing any benefit.

Another possible reason for a full phone memory message could be the large amount of media files stored on the device. Music, videos and photos can quickly fill up the limited storage space on your phone if you don't regularly delete or move them from your device.

Finally, another possible reason for a full phone message could be hidden caches and files left by apps. In some cases, these files may take up more space than the app itself. These types of files are usually created when the app is installed or running in the background. Over time, they can build up and take up a lot of space on your phone.

To solve the problem when your phone shows a message that it's full, you may need to delete unnecessary apps or media files and/or clear all hidden caches and remaining active app files. Doing so can free up much-needed memory space. Moving files to an external storage device or cloud service can also help you manage the amount of data on your phone.

By identifying and addressing the causes of the memory full message, you can help ensure that your phone runs smoothly and provides the best possible user experience.