How to protect your phone from unauthorised use

If you forget to lock your phone, the best thing you can do is to take immediate action to protect yourself. Here are some steps to help protect your device:

1. Change all passwords for your online accounts (email, social media, etc.), including the password that unlocked your phone. Create a unique and secure password for each account that combines upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Also avoid using personal information such as birthdays or names as part of passwords.

2. Enable two-factor authentication on all accounts, so that anyone logging into your accounts needs both a password and access to other information (e.g. a text message) in order to successfully log in.

3. If you have a password or template lock on your phone, change it to a new and secure one. Make sure you choose a password that is different from the passwords you use for other accounts.

4. Update your device's software to ensure that any threats are removed as soon as they become known.

5. Check for unusual permissions for applications on your device that may be a sign of malicious activity, and revoke those permissions if necessary.

6. Check your device with an updated anti-virus application to check for hidden malware that can steal personal information or monitor activity without permission.

7. Consider using remote monitoring services such as Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager to keep track of your device and erase all data if it is lost or stolen.

By taking these steps, you can protect yourself and your personal information in case you forget to lock your phone. Taking a little more time now to protect your device can help you avoid a lot of hassle later.