What to do if your phone gets wet

If your phone has fallen into water, take immediate action to minimise the damage. Turn off the device immediately and remove any batteries or removable parts. Do not attempt to charge your phone or use it in any way; this may cause further damage.

If possible, take several towels and wipe off as much liquid as possible. Then use a few dry towels to place your phone in a warm, dry place and let it dry. You should also try to remove excess liquid from the charging port and headphone jack using a cotton swab or toothpick.

Once the appliance is completely dry, you can switch it back on and try using it again. If your phone seems to be working properly, be extra careful in the future; water damage can shorten the life of your device or cause irreversible damage, so be careful when handling your phone when it contains liquid.

If you notice that your phone is not working properly after being exposed to water, it is important to take it in for repair as soon as possible. A certified technician can repair any damage and restore your phone to its original condition.

In some cases, water damage can even invalidate the warranty on the appliance. Be sure to check with the manufacturer or the shop you bought your phone from for more information on their warranty policy.

Whatever the cause or extent of the damage, it's important to take immediate action to repair your phone as soon as possible if it has been exposed to water. Taking the right steps can help prevent further damage and keep your device working longer.